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Our country, which is trying to keep abreast of changing world , faces difficulties in meeting with the demand of energy requirements from time to time as a result of the industrialisation that is developing rapidly day after day. Increase in the demand for the energy brings in the rehabilitation of the presently available energy installations and the new investments with it.

Our company has contributed for many industrial plants for the progress in this sector with its mass production, starting from 1991.

REKSAN LTD. has manufactured energy production, energy transmission and distribution products  and full filled the confidence and reliability requirements sought for these through the electirical products it had manufactured.

REKSAN designs and manufactures its electrical products in a way to be compatible with every system, to be resistant against maximum amount of mechanical stresses and environmental conpatible with each other , to be able make great savings, with aesthetic looks and in a way to be long lasting. 

Our company, which will continue to provide its services for the energy sector for many more years with its electrical products through the innovations that the time brings in , is always ready to cooperate with yourselves through its long experience and with its quality.

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